GRASP is a festival that seeks to explore some of the most burning issues of our time – sustainable development across disciplines, urban development through music, activism and art and communities in the wake of the pandemic.

We’re living in turbulent times. The world is changing, everything is in flux and the climate changes force us to rethink our ways of living.

The world is calling for new sustainable solutions which we have to find in the cross-field of disciplines and in places no one has looked before.

That’s why we thought of making GRASP.

So, we are making a festival format where art and science can meet, merge and clash in unexpected ways. Where we can generate new ideas. Where experiments and performances deliver an engaging and educational experience for all participants.

It’s all about the cross field of art, activist urban development and sustainable innovation and research.

This festival is an offer to you who are interested in knowledge, new ideas and thought-provoking art. You are interested in new inputs, and perhaps you even have some input yourself (we have workshops for just that!).

GRASP takes place in the vibrant neighbourhood of Musicon in Roskilde. Mark the dates 18-20 November 2021!

GRASP is made by means of bridge-building partnerships
The forces behind GRASP is Roskilde Festival in collaboration with a number of institutions from science, culture and communication, including Roskilde University, Roskilde Musikby, Roskilde Festival Højskole and the museum Ragnarock.

The partners have co-curated the programme based on their respective fields of knowledge. In this way, we are building a bridge between culture and research.