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Åbne huse

Ilinx transforms Asta Olivia Nordenhof's ‘Åbne huse’ into an emotionally charged choir piece filled with love

The vocal ensemble ilinx fills Musicon's raw factory hall with music, voices, stories, and emotions in the choir piece 'Åbne huse' ('Open houses'). You can experience a musical manifesto of love aimed at overturning patriarchy and the capitalist world. It's about practicing boundless, ruler-free love through community. 'Åbne huse' is based on the acclaimed writer Asta Olivia Nordenhof's poem of the same name from the novel "Djævlebogen" ("The Devil's Book"). Like the poem, the choir piece encompasses the utopian, the uplifting, the brutal, and the unifying. 

The vocal ensemble ilinx consists of the three composers and singers Anna Maehl, Laura Marie Madsen, and Amanda Appel. Together, they create a unique fusion of genres and vocal elements. You witness an exploration of the voice as a storyteller when ilinx intertwines the traditional concert format with communal singing and physical performance. By combining medieval choir music, daring improvisations, and deconstructed R&B, ilinx creates music where futuristic and traditional genres dissolve and are renegotiated anew.

You're not just attending a concert; you're participating in a ritualistic community. With contrasting shifts in sound and a blend of classical and electronic elements, ilinx creates a utopian mass that allows emotions to flow freely in the raw factory hall. 

Presented in collaboration with Roskilde Festival