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In Memory of Home

Who has the right to a home and a voice?

The Danish-Palestinian-Jordanian artist Banaan al-Nasser transforms Musicon's raw factory hall into a place for contemplation and reflection.

In Banaan Al-Nasser's work 'In Memory of Home', which was originally created for Roskilde Festival 2024, nostalgia, memories, and feelings of home are evoked and the question is asked whether it is only in a utopia that it is possible to find human equality.

The artist often works with everyday objects loaded with symbolic values that have a clear social, poetic character across different national borders, class divisions, and cultures. 'In Memory of Home' specifically draws on the artist's own childhood home and upbringing, where the satellite dishes became a symbol of communication between the West and the Middle East.

In 2018 Banaan Al-Nasser graduated from The Royal Danish academy of Fine Arts with the work 'Bab Al-Hara (The Neighbourhood's Gate)'. Today the work is part of the permanent exhibition at ARoS - Aarhus Art Museum.

'In Memory of Home' was presented at Roskilde Festival 2024 in collaboration with Art Hub Copenhagen as part of Residency To Go 2024. Supported by OpEn - The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Public Engagement Funding Pool and the Danish Art Foundation.