Art at Musicon

Join a walk around the Musicon area and learn more about the strategy behind the neighbourhood, how it has developed and how art plays a major part of the development.
19 Nov 13:00 - 13:45
Location: Musicon

Musicon is a creative neighbourhood in Roskilde. The development of the hood is radically different from other new urban areas. Instead of a master plan that 'locks' the development in a certain track, the development takes place in close collaboration with people from the cultural and business communities as well as property developers who find it exciting to help shape the development in a dynamic and diverse neighbourhood.

One of the overall goals of Musicon is to create a permanent neighborhood with a creative profile.

At Musicon, there is great potential in utilising and activating the structures of the old industrial buildings, using the urban spaces as a test platform and shaping the future development of the neighbourhood. Art must be a co-player that is invited in to make visible and reinforce the area's creative identity.

Art, creative expression and temporary activities are used strategically to create life before the city. Temporary activities and installations attract many visitors to the neighbourhood, and Musicon has invited creative enthusiasts and artists to explore, develop and manifest. As the neighbourhood is completed, a strategic focus must be maintained on the work with the artistic expression at Musicon.

Hear more about the strategy for art in urban development, collaborations with Roskilde Festival and the Museum of Contemporary Art, visit the creative players and see event halls and urban spaces.

Each walk takes approx. 45 minutes. Meeting place: In front of the main entrance to Roskilde Festival Højskole. Want to join? Reserve a "spot" by sending a mail to