Artistic citizenship in a global perspective

The concept of ‘artistic citizenship’ involves the relationship between music, individuals, groups and society – locally as well as globally. It also highlights considerations of inclusion, co-creation and community-building.
18 Nov 13:00 - 17:00
Location: Aaben Dans

How can artists contribute with their knowledge to address some of the general social and economic challenges through creative agency in the everyday lives of people?

Part 1: Research in artistic citizenship: Presentations and panel discussion (13.00-15.15)
The network of international scholars, which is connected to Copenhagen Centre for Research in Artistic Citizenship (CReArC), explores the concept of artistic citizenship through various empirical studies from a diversity of artistic, cultural and social contexts. The researchers are Nan Qi and Flávia Narita from Brazil, Kim Boeskov and Lars Brink from Denmark, Maria Westvall from Denmark/Sweden, Emily Akune from Kenya, Oscar Pripp from Sweden and Charles Carson from USA. They are all experienced researchers within the areas of music education, ethnomusicology, ethnology and musicology, and they work globally as well as locally.

Part 2: Artistic citizenship in practice: The case of Spelrum (15.30-17.00)
Simon Schierup and Tarek Abu Hammoud, musicians and initiators of the project Spelrum in Örebro, Sweden, will present their project which focuses on community, networking and cultural meetings. They first met in 2016 and have since then cooperated in many different contexts with seminars, courses and projects. One of these is Spelrum.

The presentations will be moderated by Maria Westvall, director of CReArC and professor of Music Education at RMC.

The language used in this event is English.

Curated by Rhythmic Music Conservatory

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Flávia Narita