Can bread turn into ice cream? Yes, in a circular collaboration

Amass, Jalm&B and Hansens Is talk about the unusual process of turning bread into icecream
20 Nov 16:00 - 17:00
Location: Roskilde Festival Højskole

No matter if you run a small local bakery or bake bread for the whole nation, from time to time there will be some surplus bread as long as you bake using sourdough. That's the joy and challenge of working with living organisms.

But suppose there is a new way of recycling and putting good surplus bread back into the value chain and create a new – and potentially more – tasty product?

Three like-minded friends – Amass, Jalm&B and Hansens Is – have decided to find out.

The surplus bread has become a bread syrup, the bread syrup has become an ice cream. And how they have done it and whether you can actually make money on it is something they will talk about on stage in this session.

The language used in this event is English.