Dance for those who can’t

Can performing dance be activistic? Can partying be activistic?
19 Nov 20:30 - 22:00
Location: Ambereum

If you ask Moeisha Ali Aden – activist, performer and lecturer, then yes. Moeisha’s main goal is to be the voice she didn’t hear growing up as a transgender person, and this is manifested in everything she does. For her, dancing is a way to express herself and take a stance – quite literally.

Moeisha has invited other ethnically minoritised queers to facilitate a party – a dance – where you can apply the privilege of free expression – for those who can’t. In different norm-critical categories, they will invite the audience to dance and party with pride and move for the people who would be incarcerated for expressing who they are.

Come and celebrate free expression!

The language used in this event is Danish.