Flokkr is a community centre for young people

Debate, activism and much more are at heart when Flokkr – the community centre for young people (and those young at heart!) – is open for business! Now, Flokkr moves into GRASP.
18 Nov All day
19 Nov All day
20 Nov All day

If you have been to Roskilde Festival, you may have come across Flokkr.

In a normal world, it is Roskilde Festival’s small community centre – located in the campsite – which hosts debates, talks and smaller events, often organised in collaboration with NGOs working for a better world.

Flokkr aims to be visible all over Denmark. You will find it in places where we can be a part of setting an agenda and make room for great debates in the name of art and activism. Now you can find it at GRASP!

Based on artistic co-creation and performative moves, we present an audience-involving method where young people and organisations develop activities that shed light on the burning agendas of our time.

At GRASP, Flokkr aims to explore and stimulate the concept of commitment. We examine the effects of different approaches and methods in relation to transforming interest or curiosity into higher levels of commitment, where young people own and lead change-creating initiatives for a more sustainable world.