From unknown territory to the international stage – 25 years of global music at Roskilde Festival

Peter Hvalkof has booked global music for Roskilde Festival since 1996. He will talk about the importance of strengthening the numerous local voices from ‘out there’ and curating them at a festival. He will play some music as well.
19 Nov 18:15 - 19:30
Location: Ragnarock

Psychedelic music meets Egyptian Shaabi. Cumbia merges with Indian sounds.

In the glow of illuminated tents, among DIY sound systems and camp flags, guests are urged to sink into soft floor cushions and Fatboys in Ragnarock’s special exhibition about Roskilde Festival. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the sounds and narratives of the festival’s work towards promoting global music – not only at the festival itself but also on the national and international stage.

In 1996, Peter Hvalkof was hired by Roskilde Festival to book music with a focus on danceable genres that stood out from what you would otherwise experience at the festival. This proved to be the first step of what would become a 25-year endeavour to create a platform for culturally diverse music from every corner of the world.

Hvalkof will join musician, DJ and journalist Rasmus Poulsen for an inspirational conversation. Through words as well as music, they will explore the process of developing a festival that also uses celebration and cultural exchange to strengthen the many local voices around the world.

The language used in this event is Danish.

Curated by RAGNAROCK