How do we open the gates? About gender diversity in Danish music, gatekeeper responsibility and ideas for change

Women experience lots of barriers in the music scene, says Sofie Sarlvit who has done research into the issue. A panel of key industry players will discuss solutions and a way forward.
19 Nov 17:00 - 18:30
Location: Roskilde Festival Højskole

For long, women have been extremely under-represented in Danish music.

As something new, the skewed gender balance has been high on the agenda, and big players are willing to go down new paths.

But what does it take to make some serious, positive and ongoing change?

Sofie Sarlvit, writer of the master’s thesis ‘The Persistent Glass Ceiling in the Danish Music Industry’, will present her research on barriers for woman in the music industry.

Sarlvit is supplemented by Marianne Fruergaard who presents knowledge from a brand-new report that examines how women experience the skewed gender balance in the music industry. The report is started as a collaboration between The Band Academy and Danish Broadcasting Corporation and will function as a foundation for the development of a career course under the header ”GOTCH – Girls on the charts”, which will target women in the music industry.

Subsequently, key industry players and gatekeepers will give insight into specific initiatives and new ideas for best-practice change for a better gender balance in the Danish music industry.

Look forward to meeting:

  • Sofie Sarlvit (cand.ling.merc. in International Business Communication)
  • Marianne Fruergaard (director of The Band Academy)
  • Anna Lidell (chairwoman, DJBFA – Danish Composers and Songwriters)
  • Augusta Glahn-Abrahamsen (music edotir at Danish radio station P3 and project manager for a new strategy aiming to strengthen and support the female representation in all music content with Danish Broadcoast Corporation).
  • Jakob Løkkegaard-Friese (CEO and co-founder of the Danish label W.A.S. Entertainment)
  • Anya Mathilde Poulsen (journalist and moderator of the event)

The language used in this event is Danish.

Curated by Roskilde Municipality, Alle Tiders Musikby and Anya Mathilde Poulsen

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Marianne Fruergaard