I Sing the Body Electric by Jacob Remin

An old Walt Whitman poem has inspired a soundscape for our Ambereum installation and moreover a concept in Jacob Remin’s work. He works to break down hierarchies between art and science.
20 Nov 12:00 - 14:00
Location: Ambereum

Jacob Remin, who also is a member of Centre for Cyber Wellness, will perform his own interpretation of the famous Walt Whitman poem "I Sing the Body Electric" (1855). This poem fundamentally inspired the concept of "The Body Electric" programme in our Ambereum installation this year.

Wrapped in a soundscape created by Remin, there will be an exchange about the meaning of the poem and the electrified body of today.

Jacob Remin is a video artist, curator and performer from Denmark. He is part of the art and technology collective for critical new media, Science Friction, founded in 2011 and Centre for Cyber Wellness (2018), which establishes mutually supportive spaces to collectively examine and care for the relations between human beings and technologies.