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Hive Mind: Interspecies relations

Explore how artistic and designerly strategies can enable us to rethink interspecies relations
Hive Mind English
Hive Mind
28 sep 10:30 - 12:00
Ragnarock - Værkstedet English

Designerly thinking is a practice-based approach to solving problems, making sense of things, and developing new knowledge. This panel invites you to explore how artistic and designerly strategies can enable us to rethink interspecies relations.

This panel will present art and performance work on developing dialogues with bees, sonic strategies for exploring metabolism and migration of knowledge and the utopian construction of an interspecies university campus.


"Dialogue with Bees" - Laura Winge, independent research, Copenhagen & Oliver Maxwell, Bybi

"Resonant and entangled – sound-based approaches to intersections between art, science and technology" - Eduardo Abrantes, Roskilde University & Medicinsk Museion

"Experiencing Utopia - The Interspecies Campus Experiment" - Kevin Holger, Mogensen & Charlotte Grum, Roskilde University

Chair: Michael Haldrup, Professor, Department of Communication and Arts, Roskilde University

This panel will be in English

About Hive Mind:

This panel is a part of GRASP Hive Mind, curated in collaboration with Roskilde University. Hive Mind panels follow a traditional academic conference format in which 3-4 different contributors present a knowledge contribution within the panel's theme. It can be anything from academic research to practical knowledge contributions. The presentations are followed by a shared discussion in which we invite you to contribute with your own insights and questions for the panels to enable reflections on challenges, opportunities and understandings within the theme and field of research and practice.

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