Is the future accessible?

The Western world points to solutions for dealing with the climate changes. But how does that affect parts of the world less developed? Who is left behind?
20 Nov 15:00 - 16:00
Location: Roskilde Festival Højskole

With climate changes putting pressure on us to change our ways of living and consuming, minimalist environmentally friendly design, limiting unnecessary production and innovation are often seen as the solution to a lot of these problems.

But who gets left behind when these decisions are made?

Students from Roskilde Festival Højskole will host a talk and debate regarding the societal consequences of environmentalism across the globe.

By extending the scope from the “local” perspective of the western world to a more global view, the focus of this event is to point to the consequences of political decisions made in Western countries and organisations. How do they affect the parts of the world less developed to cope with the monumental changes in industries and structures of societies that are the direct consequence of environmentalism and the quest for saving the climate.

The question remains, who is left behind?

Curated by Roskilde Festival Højskole