Local transition towards sustainable development – mobilising cities, businesses and citizens

For a long time now there has been a public focus on the balance between cities and rural areas. But how do we actually create sustainable development based on strong local initiatives and lasting forces?
18 Nov 15:00 - 16:00
Location: Roskilde Festival Højskole

Sustainable transition and climate action have long been dependent on local initiatives.

Cities have taken a lead on global climate action, and local communities set the standard for the lifestyles that combine a low ecological footprint with high levels of well-being. At the same time, the gap between rural and urban environments is considered a problem for broad transition.

Many businesses, communities and decision-makers have recently pledged to help remove the barriers and boost potentials for local transition.

This panel gathers different stakeholders and asks them for their perspective on how to succeed and create lasting local improvements for sustainability.

Participants are Associate Professor Thomas Budde Christensen (RUC), teacher at Krogerup Højskole and activist Sarah Hellebek and managing director at VM Tarm A/S Holger Ross Lautisen.

The language used in this event is English.

Curated by Roskilde University