Lucky by Emilia Bergmark

Watch film work by Swedish artist Emilia Bergmark.
19 Nov 19:00 - 19:20
Location: Aaben Dans
20 Nov 10:00 - 10:20
Location: Aaben Dans
20 Nov 17:30 - 17:50
Location: Aaben Dans

The film “Lucky” is a work about being a one in a world of twos. In the work we encounter the character Lucky. Lucky is not like the rest of us. She lives alone in a small house in the forest. She has her routines, her hobbies and her interests. She works remotely as a programmer. She manages by herself. But sometimes she wonders why she's been left out. Why she is the odd one out in a world of couples.

Against a backdrop of the dark forest, the story of Lucky is narrated by Lennart Jähkel, an actor that often gets to portray the northern sentiments in Swedish cinema. The installation is the framework of an emotionally charged tale with roots in the Northern Swedish storytelling tradition in which the truth may never stand in the way of a good story and an unreliable narrator is the rule rather than exception.

With tragicomic undertones, Bergmark portrays the stigma of solitude in a film that borrows elements both from the didactic visual language of children's books and the symbolism of fairytales.

Emilia Bergmark is a visual artist who lives and works in Copenhagen and Malmö. Based on everyday stories and observations, she creates poetic and humorous installations that combine work with sculpture, writing, interior design, film and print.