Moeisha Ali Aden – performance talk

What happens when we break the rules of the binary gender system?
19 Nov 19:00 - 20:00
Location: Ambereum

In the 1990s, Moeisha Ali Aden came to Denmark from Somalia, except her name wasn’t Moeisha but Mahamed. Growing up, Moeisha didn’t have the words to describe what she felt, and it wasn’t until she was a young adult she gained the ability to articulate her feelings.

Danish-Somali Moeisha Ali Aden is an activist, debater, performer and lecturer. Moeisha’s main goal is to be the voice she didn’t hear growing up as a transgendered person, and this is manifested in everything she does.

She will invite you into her experience of becoming and being a Muslim transwoman in Denmark. Her performance ‘Dit blik, mit syn’ (‘your view, my vision’) invokes reflections on and discussions about being an intersectionally minoritised person and gives a personal and relatable insight to her experience of searching for herself.

The language used in this event is Danish.