Møntfod by Hannibal Andersen

Danish artist presents a sculpture that draws attention to the role of money and how it affects our lives.
18 Nov All day
Location: Pillar Square
19 Nov All day
Location: Pillar Square
20 Nov All day
Location: Pillar Square

Money affects our mental states. They fill our consciousness because our lives depend on them in many ways. Only few don’t have to worry about their finances, if not for survival then for status. But they also leave marks on our bodies. They create a framework for the type of housing and food we have access to, and they make us do things that we would not have done without payment. They are often referred to as an "effective" tool, but if you take a look at the handling of today's humanitarian and ecological crises, it quickly becomes clear that the right to make money on all sorts of issues stands in the way of real solutions.

But what would a world without money look like? Can one even ask that question? Under the current circumstances, can one not ask that question?

At GRASP, Hannibal Andersen presents the sculpture "Møntfod" (‘currency’), which will be activated on Saturday 20 November at 13:00-13:30 through a performative reading by the artist.

Hannibal Andersen is educated from London College of Communication and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. His work explores the often-obscured economic principles that set the structures in which we live our lives. Through audio, video, text and performance he seeks to question the necessity of these structures.