Music & sustainability – a new model for evaluating music ecosystems

What impacts does music have on communities, including in meeting the sustainable development goals, improving quality of life and making cities more equitable?
18 Nov 16:00 - 17:00
Location: Roskilde Festival Højskole

On founding the Center for Music Ecosystems, Shain Shapiro, Ph.d. and CEO of Sound Diplomacy, is working on a tool to better monitor and evaluate the impacts of music. In doing so, he is working with cities across the Nordics and around the world on looking at how investing in music can improve education, reduce crime and support cohesion.

In this presentation, he introduces his framework for doing so, its strengths, limitations and challenges.

The Center for Music Ecosystems is a global not-for-profit organisation focused on understanding and advancing music ecosystems to foster more sustainable communities.

Sound Diplomacy is a global team of researchers, data analysts, economists and strategic consultants, with extensive expertise in the music industry, music economics, cultural planning and placemaking.

The language used in this event is English.

Curated by Roskilde Municipality, Alle Tiders Musikby