Resonating Rooms by Lars Greve

In the Dome at Musicon, woodwindist Lars Greve will create a resonating sculpture that you can see, hear and touch. Every day, Greve will turn on the sculpture with the sound from his solo improvisations which will resound throughout the festival.
18 Nov All day
Location: The Dome
19 Nov All day
Location: The Dome
20 Nov All day
Location: The Dome

Lars Greve has stirred up some attention with innovative and experimental works and projects. He has done collaborations with various artists including Videbæk Accordion Club, sculptor Ingvar Cronhammar, Aaben Dans and Egyptian musician Maurice Louca. Most recently, Greve has been appointmented as a so-called 'special ensemble' by the Danish Arts Foundation due to his new collaboration with Holstebro Municipality. This has given rise to a number of projects run through a newly made platform, “Resonating Rooms”.

In recent years, Greve has been particularly interested in resonance, both on a physical and emotional level. How can innovative, sensual and insistent music give the listener a sense of togetherness – to resonate with the world? More specifically, he has studied the potentials of transforming selected objects into some kind of speaker using so-called 'transducers'. It may sound a little technical but imagine that the sound of a clarinet does not come out of a loudspeaker but instead comes from a wall or a floor. Suddenly, you can feel the sound, lean on the sound, shape the sound – and, at best, feel like a part of the whole thing.

This is an experiment. Greve sees GRASP as an occasion for seeking new ways to create a sound and concert laboratory. Greve will "ignite" The Dome three times during the festival with woodwind improvisation. As an opening act on Thursday 18 November at 10:00, turn it on again Friday 19 November with a new performance at 11:30 and then finish off with a final concert Saturday 20 November at 18:30. The sculpture will resound all day between the three concerts.

Curated by Roskilde Municipality, Alle Tiders Musikby