Rumlig – facilitating safe spaces in Ambereum

We’ve set out to create a festival experience that feels safe for everyone. But how?
19 Nov All day
Location: Ambereum
20 Nov All day
Location: Ambereum

A festival is made up of a multitude of different spaces with people circling in and out of loosely defined communities, feeling sometimes connected and as one, sometimes lost in the crowds. The performers might have a somewhat similar experience on stage.

A festival doesn’t always feel safe. Roskilde Festival has teamed up with Rumlig to challenge this. Rumlig is an organisation working with creating spaces for meaningful conversations, where we can meet each other as whole human beings. They believe conversations are the base for deeper connections and can help us feel less alone in the world.

As part of selected performances at Ambereum, the hosts from Rumlig will set the framework for our collective interaction and create a safe space in Ambereum. The hosts will bring in different facilitation tools to set collective intentions and get in touch with one another. Their focus is on the audience as much as on the performers. Come and be a part of this experiment to bring us closer together in a new festival experience where everyone feels safe.