Sprækker – the installation

Step into a giant building an experience a visual installation, which is also used for the dance performance “Sprækker”.
18 Nov 14:00 - 15:00
Location: Hal 9
19 Nov 14:00 - 15:00
Location: Hal 9

A group of big natural stones are scattered in the centre of the 90 m long hall. Are they meteors? A leftover from a building process? Or planets in the universe?

Hal 9 is full of subtle life coming through the cracks where natural materials, projections and light form a room for reflection.

As a revival of the planet's heartbeat, you can hear composer Mads Emil Nielsen’s deep bass rhythms with contrapuntal compositions from life on the surface of earth.

The room is inspired by the way nature always is a part of human life and vice versa. During the opening hours we invite people to be part of this universe where a pile of stones, a beam of light or the movement in the air from a person passing you is a remembrance of where we come from – and where we might move to in the future.

Director Catherine Poher and choreographer Thomas Eisenhardt have made the visual installation in collaboration with visual designer Olive Guillemain and light designer Carina Backman for the performance SPRÆKKER.

We encourage everybody to join us in the performance later by retrieving tickets via the link and bring their own experience of the room and reflections to Hal 9 when it is inhabited by the performers.