Stimulating the political imagination – a collaborative experimental design

A collaborative brainstorm to design and test a public experiment of creative-versus-conventional forms of activism.
19 Nov 14:00 - 17:00
Location: Roskilde Festival Højskole

In 2018, a public experiment was staged on the streets of Copenhagen to measure the impact of creative- versus-conventional forms of activism.

While conclusions could be made about the effects regarding the delivery of activist objectives such as capturing attention, delivering information and getting signatures, what was not tested was what creative forms of activism do best. They provide new perspectives to view the world as it is and stimulate the human imagination to envision new possibilities of worlds to come.

This workshop will be a collaborative brainstorm to design and test phase II of this experiment.

Through a creative process guided by the Principal Investigators of the original “Copenhagen Experiment,” the group will design a public experiment that might test and measure possible interventions' ability to stimulate the political imagination.

See a short video treatment of the original experiment:

The event will be facilitated by Silas Harrebye and Stephen Duncombe.

The language used in this event is English.

Curated by Roskilde University