Sustainable urban development at Musicon

Join a guided walk around the Musicon area and learn more about the strategy behind the neighbourhood, how it has developed and how sustainability plays a major part of the development.
18 Nov 16:00 - 16:45
Location: Musicon
20 Nov 11:00 - 11:45
Location: Musicon

Musicon is a neighbourhood with a vibrant urban environment where art (in a broad sense) is the overriding theme.

The development of Musicon is radically different from other new urban areas. Instead of a master plan that 'locks' the development in a certain track, the development takes place in close collaboration with people from the cultural and business communities as well as property developers who find it exciting to help shape the development in a dynamic and diverse district.

From the very beginning, Musicon has been a neighbourhood where sustainability and focus on recycling resources play a central role. There is an open rainwater drainage system, cycling, walking and public transport are given optimal conditions, communal waste facilities make it easy to sort and recycle, and building materials are recycled.

In the development of Musicon, Roskilde Municipality has chosen to contribute in particular to meeting UN Sustainable Development Goal no. 8 of decent jobs and economic growth, no. 11 of sustainable cities and local communities, no. 12 of responsible consumption and production and no. 17 of partnerships for action.

Join a guided walk and see and hear about how we work with circular resources, sustainable mobility, climate adaptation and social sustainability. All of which are visible parts of the neighbourhood.

Each walk takes approx. 45 minutes. Meeting place: In front of the main entrance to Roskilde Festival Højskole. Want to join? Reserve a "spot" by sending a mail to