The formation of creative youth communities

How can you foster creative communities and creative music-making among children and young people? And how can you support young people’s own abilities and motivations to build up such communities?
19 Nov 16:00 - 17:00
Location: Aaben Dans

In this event, you will learn about different cases that represent different artistic and pedagogical answers to these questions.

You will meet Søren Gravgaard, the head of Club Roskilde East, which has formed a creative music environment in the after-school clubs in cooperation with pedagogues, artists and professional musicians.

You will meet young people from the RIA Collective, a creative youth community formed in the after-school clubs in Roskilde.

You will meet Alex Ferlini who is the daily leader of Turning Tables, an NGO organisation that promotes artistic creative work among young people outside institutional contexts.

Finally, you will meet Mikkel S. W. Boysen who has done research on the formation of the RIA-collective.

The debate is moderated by Trine Ankerstjerne.

The language used in this event is Danish.

Curated by Absalon University College

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Søren Gravgaard