Market for new ideas

Feel, taste and try the solutions of tomorrow
20 Nov 11:00 - 15:00
Location: The Pillar Square

Can intelligent garbage cans sort waste better than humans? Can we build long-lasting houses from plastic waste? How do we create a circular business model?

Join us at the market for new ideas, where young entrepreneurs test and showcase new ideas and products, communicating knowledge with the potential of changing the future.

You are invited to feel, taste and try the solutions of tomorrow and have a chat with the young generation of entrepreneurs about the many possibilities and challenges of circular economy.

The market for new ideas is created by The Circular Lab – a joint project by The Tuborg Foundation and Roskilde Festival. The purpose is to offer the next generation of young entrepreneurs a greater chance to influence climate behaviour and push for a faster green transition of our society.

The Circular Lab is joined by students from Roskilde Technical College and Roskilde University, who will showcase student projects, and Jalm&B who will deliver upcycled sourdough bread for anyone who wants to bake a campfire bread.