The next generation – students with various educational backgrounds testing and presenting ideas and prototypes

GRASP not only invites researchers and practitioners to partake in the festival. We also invite students from various educational institutions. The young are the ones woh put climate changes and gender equality on the agenda, after all.
18 Nov All day
Location: Musicon
19 Nov All day
Location: Musicon
20 Nov All day
Location: Musicon

As a festival of new ideas, GRASP reaches out to not only established researchers and practitioners but the next generation as well.

Students from Technical University of Denmark, Roskilde University and Roskilde Technical College will take part in creating the surroundings of the festival and present their new ideas for creating a more sustainable future.

Students, and young people in general, have been the ones to put climate changes and gender equality on the agenda, two of the themes GRASP is exploring. Therefore, it is both natural and necessary to have them take an active part in creating the festival.

Around the festival site at Musicon, you will meet students from various educational institutions, eager to get your opinion on and ideas for developing their projects and prototypes. Being a festival that encourages people to exchange knowledge across disciplines, makes GRASP the ideal place for students to get inspired and generate ideas for creative innovation and inventions.

GRASP is proud to be a platform where the next generation of researchers and developers will test and reshape their ideas and prototypes while learning how to operationalise theory and working methodologically.