The socially imbalanced green transition

What are the social consequences of reducing greenhouse gas emissions through climate policies?
19 Nov 11:00 - 12:00
Location: Roskilde Festival Højskole

When society changes the people living in them have to change as well. The social consequences of a green transition are evident but what are the dynamics we need to be aware of in order to make a just transition on a local and global scale without riots like the yellow vests protests in France?

Take a deep dive into the social aspects of transitioning towards a greener future in a conversation about climate justice. Students from Roskilde Festival Højskole host a session with international expert on the economics of climate change Kirsten Halsnæs from DTU, associate professor in bioethics Mickey Gjerris from Copenhagen University and Ph.D. in global studies, policy advisor and parliamentary candidate for the Red-Green Alliance Leila Stockmarr.

As part of the session, a short site-specific and audiovisual intervention pointing at Musicon’s history as a site for concrete industry, looking critically at ideas of sustainability, social class and the infrastructure specific to our very venue, will be presented by the students.

Kirsten Halsnæs is a professor of climate change and economics at Technical University of Denmark and has been a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's inner circle as the author of the IPCC’s chapters on the financial consequences of climate change.

Mickey Gjerris is an associate professor in bioethics at the University of Copenhagen and an active public speaker, activist and writer of books, columns and other contributions to journals and newspapers.

Leila Stockmarr earned her PhD in global studies from Roskilde University and worked with foreign policy and international affairs as a researcher and advisor in the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities. Today, she is parliamentary candidate for the Red-Green Alliance.

The language used in this event is English.

Curated by Roskilde Festival Højskole

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Kirsten Halsnæs - photo: Bax Lindhardt