Turning Tables Denmark – concert, creativity and youth involvement

Local youth creatives from Æblehaven (Roskilde) and Nørrebro will perform their own songs, exhibit artworks and explain their artistic journeys and how they collaborate with the NGO Turning Tables Denmark.
18 Nov 17:00 - 17:45
Location: Aaben Dans

This event is a meet and greet with local youth creatives and the organisation Turning Tables Denmark. You will experience youth creatives sharing their thoughts on creating and expressing their opinions and views through various artforms.

These young people and their stories will provide an insight into the social residential areas in Denmark – both its challenges and opportunities.

Turning Tables works with children and young people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods all over Denmark. Through film, photography and music, instructors create a creative and playful free space where children and young people can express themselves and put their dreams, hopes and frustrations into words.

The language used in this event is Danish.