Welcome by ILYICH

A performance of electronic music composed and played on self-made instruments. Look forward to a physical and intimate experience.
20 Nov 15:00 - 15:45
Location: Ambereum

Listen, breathe and let go to electronic music with a deep base vibrating into your bones.

Carried by outer space sounds, ILYICH brings six-string bass improvisations and rhythms to our Ambereum installation.

With a masked performance, dynamic sound and motion, ILYICH will give you a very physical and intimate experience, leaving you uplifted, undressed and relaxed.

Channeling dynamic sounds and motions intertwined within a trans-migratory experience, ILYICH will give you a physical, spiritual and intimate experience. Playful through the heart, ILYICH takes you on a journey: uplifting, thoughtful and full of light.

ILYICH is a space traveler of an ambiguous origin. Frequently maneuvering the worlds of music and art, ILYICH synthesises music performances and sonic sculptures with vinyl releases and contextualised performance lectures.

Oscillating between recognisable electronic music and abstract sonic improvisations, ILYICH can often be found at the core of an intimate listening session, a sonic ritual, gallery or museum gathering or at a larger club and festival stage around the world. ILYICH’s performances invite you to board an outer-space vessel navigating through music as a unified field, a sonic strategy and a loving transpersonal experience.

The vision of the project is to leave behind the limitations of an individual ego system in favour of the all-pervading space of a collective eco system.

With surprise appearances at the Lot Radio and I.S.C.P. in New York, documenta14, SAVVY Contemporary, House of the World Cultures and Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin or Bergen Kunsthall, Norway, among others, ILYICH’s six-string bass and spectral synthesis techniques are in this world, yet clearly not from here.