Urban development and architecture at Musicon

Join a walk around the Musicon area and learn more about the strategy behind the neighbourhood, and see how it has developed.
18 Nov 10:00 - 11:00
Location: Musicon
18 Nov 16:00 - 17:00
Location: Musicon

Musicon will be a dense urban area with a vibrant environment art in the broadest sense is the general theme. Cultural businesses are integrated with residential areas and other activities that have been attracted by the special character of the area. Musicon is developed through a dynamic and open development process where creative players are the driving forces.

The area is now in rapid development. Various developers are currently constructing a number of buildings that contribute to the diversity of the neighbourhood, and at the same time we ensure a framework for businesses, associations and cultural life.

Most of the neighbourhood is disposed of and sold, and the architectural expression is a mix of the creative and the post-industrial look of the old concrete factory.

Join a walk around the area and hear about the urban development project from start to finish, get out into every nook and cranny and experience architectural gems and exciting urban spaces.

Each walk takes approx. 45 minutes.