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Utopi i kunst og videnskab

Join this conversation about the role of utopias in art and science and how both art and science play important roles in challenging established norms and ideas.
Panelsamtale English
29 sep 16:00 - 17:00
Roskilde Festival Højskole - Mellemrummet English

In this session artist Ida Sønder Thorhauge and scientist Fernando Racimo will join a conversation on what role their art and science can play in shaping and imagining utopian futures. The conversation will explore the changes the artist and the scientist seek with their respective work as well as the intersections between art, science and activism by asking what happens when art and science embrace political confrontation and challenge exitsting norms?

Fernando Racimo is Associate Professor at the Section for Molecular Ecology and Evolution at the Globe Institute, University of Copenhagen furthermore he is an active part of the movement Scientist Rebellion campaigning to mobilize scientists and raise public awareness about the climate emergency.

Ida Sønder Thorhauge is an artist educated from “Det Jyske Kunstakademi” in 2016. She has exhibited at cultural institutions such as O - Overgaden, Kunsthal Aarhus og Kunsthal Nord and was part of the artprogram for Roskilde Festival in 2019.

This event is in English

Ida Sønder Thorhauge
Fernando Racimo
Associate Professor, Copenhagen University