Below you can read some practical information regarding GRASP. More info will follow.

A ticket is required to enter the GRASP festival site. We offer both a three-days tickets as well as one-day tickets. And if you're a student we can offer you a discount.

• Three-days ticket: DKK 995
• Professional three-days ticket with access to the whole festival including a working area for delegates and an exclusive networking social event: DKK 1695
• Three-days ticket with student discount: DKK 600 (you must present a valid student ID at check-in)

• One-day ticket: DKK 500
• One-day ticket with student discount: DKK 300 (you must present a valid student ID at check-in)


You are welcome to take a stroll without a ticket through the festival site Musicon during GRASP. Here you can experience various art installations, bars and food offerings throughout the festival.

Opening hours:
Thursday 18 November: 9—22
Friday 19 November: 9—24
Saturday 20 November: 9—24

I’m disabled. Have you done anything to make it easier for me to attend events? Can I bring an assitant? Parking? Toilets?

All GRASP venues are accessible by wheelchair.

We also have access to parking and toilets for disabled at Musicon.

When buying a disabled ticket to the festival, you can bring a helper to the festival. Upon arrival you must show your companion card at check-in.

Musicon is a former concrete factory and gravel pit. Since 2003, the area has developed step-by-step in collaboration with citizens, developers, architects, cultural institutions, local businesses and the municipality. A so-called people-centric approach to urban development. Today, Musicon hosts skaters, artists, the dance theatre Aaben Dans, the museum Ragnarock – and now new residential buildings are starting to pop up as well. When Musicon is complete, it will be a neighbourhood with about 2000 homes and 2000 workplaces. A diamond in the rough!

Such an area is the perfect place for a festival site at GRASP. We’ll work together with numerous hosts on-site to make everything a perfect and raw experience in the best sense of the word.

See our map of the festival site at Musicon

Want to learn more about Musicon? Look here.

Our gastronomy programme combines science, art and environmental values. We believe that the mind and body are truly combined with the soil and the waters surrounding us. Therefore, organic and biodynamic produce, low-energy farming and highly responsible coastal fishing are the dogmas and foundation of the programme.

You can experience GRASP’s gastronomy programme when you move through the festival site. You will experience warm dishes filled with vitalising plants, green and happy farm animals and seafood.

At the Pillar Square, we will provide all participants with special hot drinks and food as well as to-stay or to-go dishes at a smaller cost. All organic and responsibly produced.

In Hal 7, you can hang out in Viron Erol Vert´s meditative and healing installation Ambereum with various organic drinks, beers, bio/organic wines, hot drinks, soft drinks and much more. You can bring in other drinks and foods.

Hang out with art, performances and much more at FLOKKR in Hal 12 with a cold organic beer or warm lemonade.

A part of Musicon is the Container Row where different kinds of everyday food and drinks are sold all year round, mixed with small businesses selling crafted goods, records and services.

Want to see where things are happening? Download our map of the festival site, located in the vibrant Musicon area. Download our map.

Are you a media representative who wants to get in touch with us regarding interviews or other editorial matters, here's some contact info for you.

• E-mail:
• Press phone: +45 30 10 82 81

Press release: New festival in Roskilde wants to boost sustainable change (in Danish)


Editorial media are much welcome at GRASP. We open for applications for media accreditation on 1 October 2021. Watch this space.

Musicon is located in Roskilde around 1.5 kilometres from Roskilde Station. Find the area here. We recommend using public transportation. Plan your journey here.