A few changes to the programme at GRASP

Public Works won’t be able to make it to GRASP after all. But we have lots of new exciting content in the line-up instead. Read on below.

Public Works – the international critical design practice – was supposed to do a so-called 'School for Civic Action' at GRASP. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to be a part of GRASP after all.

But, we have lots of other new stuff on the programme that you can look forward to.

We have added Kim Mejdahl to the art programme. He is participating with an art film, and he is part of an artist talk as well. If you have watched the Danish TV programme “Kunstnerkolonien”, you may have been introduced to Kim’s art practice.

You can also meet Turning Tables Denmark and hear about their artistic approach to urban development in direct contact with citizens and at eye level children. They have involved children in the marginalised residential area of Æblehaven in Roskilde. Here, they give the microphone to the children and provide empowerment by letting them work with music together with professional artists.

You can also experience Moeisha Ali Aden’s performative talk "Dit blik, mit syn" (‘your view, my vision’). She is an advocate of all young LGBT+ people, which the performance will reflect. She is also the organiser of a safe space party called "Dance for those who can't".

And speaking of party, we’ve got more energetic vibes planned for you. We have invited artists from two different collectives to stir up a high-energy party to close down GRASP in style: Uganda-based Nyege Nyege and FutureFemaleSounds (you can catch both collectives in a talk earlier in the day).

Read about the different themes in our single-day run-throughs covering Thursday, Friday and Saturday.