Can music and urban development play together, and would you like to meet Den Sorte Skole?

Thursday at GRASP is about urban development and artistic citizenship. Take a journey through the programme which offers you exciting input from both science, art and the city.
  • Thursday at GRASP is about music, urban development and artistic citizenship.
  • Meet the Greek activist and economist Giorgos Kallis and look forward to talks, art, performance and music served together with delicious organic food and drinks.
  • When: Thursday 18 November from 10:00 to 22:00.
  • Where: Musicon, Roskilde.
  • Price: DKK 500 + fee. DKK 300 + fee for students.


Read more about the day in details below.

It is finally Thursday 18 November. Now, the knowledge festival GRASP opens its doors. Not only to different professional disciplines and impressions but also to a very special area. It is called Musicon and it's a new, creative neighbourhood in Roskilde. Musicon also makes up the entire festival site at GRASP.

The day starts at 10:00 when you are invited on a guided tour of the Musicon area. Here you can hear about the entire strategy behind the neighbourhood, urban development and architecture, which you won't find anything similar to elsewhere in Denmark.

You can hear much more about this in a subsequent panel debate where Shain Shapiro is one of the participants. He works with securing artistic profiles for cities to create sustainable communities. Shain Shapiro also participates in a talk about musical ecosystems that can result in more equitable cities.

It is also a good idea to drop by our keynote talk with Greek activist and economist Giorgos Kallis who calls for a paradigm shift towards degrowth. How will we live if we change our consumption patterns radically, he asks. He may even come up with possible answers as well.

Grab a delicious lunch from our range of nutritious, tasty and organic dishes made on responsible dogmas. Then you will quickly be ready to take more vitamins for the mind.

At 13:00, we suggest you attend a panel debate on artistic citizenship. Professor in pedagogy Maria Westvall runs a research network that focuses on how art contributes to forming citizens. The panel debate is followed by a Swedish case, which presents how refugees have gotten to know society through in a musical context.

At 13:30, we have a revisit of the idea of ​​the world university and new school-like formats viewed through the lens of art. There is a line back from the youth movement in the 60s to today’s 'folk high schools'. Quite appropriately, this event takes place at Roskilde Festival Højskole.

At 17:00, you can hear about Turning Tables and their artistic approach to urban development in direct contact with citizens and at eye level children. They have involved children in the marginalised residential area of Æblehaven in Roskilde. Here, they give the microphone to the children and provide empowerment by letting them work with music together with professional artists.

Make sure you also drop by the museum RAGNAROCK and catch their special exhibition about Roskilde Festival as a cultural institution throughout 50 years.

Even more experiences
If you want more GRASP-related experiences in the city, we can recommend the following:

Visit Ambereum, our special amber-coloured experience room, which is set up in one of Musicon's large concrete buildings, and which provides both colour and warmth with various performances and events, including Jakob Remin, Mårten Spångberg, Josefine Opsahl, Thea Soti and ILYICH.

In one of the neighbouring buildings you can experience regional dance company Aaben Dans' performance "SPRÆKKER" ('cracks'), which is inspired by the interplay between science and art.

You should also head over to the recently constructed Dome, which provides a special space for Lars Greve's musical art installation which transforms the entire space into one large vibrating loudspeaker.

Finally, you can have a total experience for the senses in Roskilde Cathedral with Den Sorte Skole who has created a bombardment of sounds, lasers, lights and an examination of spiritual music throughout history. Do note that they will also engage in a talk about the live piece.


Many more experiences await you on Friday and Saturday
Gosh, that was just the opening Thursday! Friday and Saturday have even many more experiences on offer.