Can you wake your inner activist? How important is equality in the Danish cultural industry?

Friday at GRASP will be glowing with debates, creativity, citizenship and activism. Focus is also on gender and diversity in art.
  • Friday at GRASP is about creative empowerment – and diversity and gender in art.
  • Meet Charles Carson, Jenny Wilson, Tina Nabatchi, Geoff Mulgan and look forward to talks, art, performance and music served together with delicious organic food and drinks.
  • When: Friday 19 November from 10:00 to 24:00.
  • Where: Musicon, Roskilde.
  • Price: DKK 500 + fee. DKK 300 + fee for students.


Read more about the day in details below.

Friday at GRASP kicks off with some activism. It's about being a part of things, of making your voice heard and about being a co-creator.

So make sure to turn up at at 10:00 at Roskilde Festival Højskole where American professor of public administration Tina Nabatchi gives a talk about citizen participation and collaborative governance. In other words: How your active participation influences decisions and actions in society.

Nabatchi will also later be part of a panel discussion together with professor Geoff Mulgan. Focus is on how we can make sustainable social solutions in the aftermath of turbulent times marked by, among other things, a pandemic.

It is also worth your time popping in at the museum RAGNAROCK, right in the middle of the special exhibition about Roskilde Festival. Here, American professor Charles Carson will talk about his research on the festivalisation of cities and communities.

Grab a delicious lunch from our range of nutritious, tasty and organic dishes made on responsible dogmas. Then you will quickly be ready to take more vitamins for the mind.

If you need a little break, we recommend that you head over to Roskilde Festival Højskole where the feted folk musicians in Dreamers' Circus will play a concert at noon.

Friday at GRASP also offers some solution-oriented projects.

Express Yourself is the title of a talk by teacher Jakob Kiørboe about some pedagogical art projects that show how children and young people can express themselves through art and across borders.

The art of expression is also in focus when the workshop with Beats by Girlz opens its doors. The creative craft is put in the hands of the women and is followed by conversations about which role gender plays in the music industry and how art can be created by everyone.

Using a similar starting point, you will find a discussion panel on the facilitation of creative youth communities where you can meet both researchers and practitioners who work with this subject matter. It culminates with a concert created by the RIA Collective, a do-it-yourself collective of very young musicians and event makers.

In the afternoon, you can meet Swedish musician Jenny Wilson. She engages in a conversation about how she uses art to process personal trauma and how she attacks gender inequality. Finally, she will play some songs from her back catalogue.

The feminist architect collective Soft Agency offers a different – and materially softer – approach to the problems. Based on a historical gender-based activity such as weaving, they create a new language in the shape of a weaving piece that you can be a part of putting your mark on.

You should also head towards the art installation called Ambereum, our special amber-coloured experience room, which is set up in one of Musicon's large concrete buildings, and which provides both colour and warmth with various performances and events worth seeking out. At 19:00, Moeisha Ali Aden takes the stage with her performative talk "Dit blik, mit syn" (‘your view, my vision’). She is an advocate of all young LGBT+ people, which the performance will reflect.

When darkness really starts to fall, the party kicks off in Ambereum. Moeisha Ali Aden is the organiser of a party titled "Dance for those who can't". Ambereum becomes a safe space for liberation.

If you are looking for an after-party, we recommend you to head over to the music venue Gimle. With a GRASP wristband, you are guaranteed access to a raving party in the company of music acts såforsatan, Ravi Kuma, Josie Amadonna and Nøx.

And that is how Friday lands. But make sure to save some strength for Saturday – because it also has a lot on offer. You can read all about that here.