GRASP completes its festival programme with 30 new experiences that mix art and science

Artist collective SUPERFLEX and pandemic researcher Lone Simonsen are among the fresh announcements for GRASP. With a total of 30 new names and experiences on the poster, GRASP is ready to deliver new ideas about sustainable change.

Danish artist collective SUPERFLEX has just received the Crown Prince Couple's Cultural Award 2021, and professor and pandemic researcher Lone Simonsen has been honoured for her skills of communicating new knowledge about the corona pandemic to the Danish population.

Now, you can experience them at the very first edition of the knowledge festival GRASP, which Roskilde Festival is the main organiser of. GRASP opens for three days of interdisciplinary knowledge sharing between researchers, artists, practitioners and a curious audience in the Roskilde neighbourhood of Musicon. The festival takes place 18-20 November 2021.

We now add 30 new experiences, talks and performances to the festival programme. This means that the programme is ready for the very first edition of GRASP which will show how science and art together can provide tangible answers to the sustainable challenges of our time, for instance the corona crisis and climate changes.

Biodiversity on the agenda
At GRASP, SUPERFLEX invites you to a conversation about sustainability and biodiversity and about the union of artistic practice and scientific method.

SUPERFLEX – formed in 1993 by Jakob Fenger, Bjørnstjerne Christiansen and Rasmus Rosengren – has just received the Crown Prince Couple's Cultural Prize 2021. At the awards ceremony on 25 September, the Crown Prince highlighted the group's abilities to ask critical questions and come up with new inspiring solutions to some of society's great challenges.

One of the collective's recent projects is SuperRev where they work with scientists to restore and strengthen the marine biodiversity, and they have recently put biodiversity on the agenda for the UN General Assembly in New York with the works Vertical Migration and Interspecies Assembly.

The world after the corona crisis
Science has played a crucial role in understanding the historic corona crisis. The GRASP programme takes the current situation under consideration and offers suggestions for how the world will move forward after the pandemic.

The Danish epidemiologist Lone Simonsen – or “corona Lone” as she is popularly known – talks about reflections on the art of predicting a virus spread and how cross-disciplinary research can help humanity against future epidemics.

Lone Simonsen – professor and pandemic expert at Roskilde University – received the research communication award from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science in 2021 for her ability to communicate new knowledge about the corona pandemic to the Danish population at a critical time.

How humanity overcomes a pandemic and a climate crisis is the main theme when three internationally renowned professors – Tina Nabatchi (Syracuse University), Geoff Mulgan (University College London) and Linda Lundgaard Andersen (Roskilde University) – give their take on innovative social and political solutions that can help us move forward through complex and turbulent times.

Festival in an experimental neighbourhood
GRASP takes place the Musicon neighbourhood in Roskilde. Here, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs have built a sustainable and experimental urban environment based on an ideal of user-driven urban planning.

GRASP creates a lot of venues especially for the area where you can really go explore. Artists such as Hannibal Andersen, Jules Fischer, Josefine Opsahl and Mårten Spångberg create thoughtful and sensuous performances and works, and the people behind the urban farm Øens Have invites you to communal dining with food from the future.

Get an overview of the festival's approximately 70 workshops, debates, concerts, talks, art experiences by scrolling through our programme page.

3-days tickets cost DKK 995, and 1-day tickets cost DKK 500.

Students can buy 3-day tickets for DKK 600 and 1-day tickets for DKK 300.