How does Superflex use art and science to make a better world? Would you like to hear Efterklang?

Saturday at GRASP digs into a cross field of art and science.
  • Saturday at GRASP is about art and science.
  • Meet SUPERFLEX, Efterklang, Lone Simonsen and Kim Mejdahl and look forward to talks, art, performance and music served together with delicious organic food and drinks.
  • When: Saturday 20 November from 10:00 to 24:00.
  • Where: Musicon, Roskilde.
  • Price: DKK 500 + fee. DKK 300 + fee for students.


Read more about the day in details below.

Perhaps you have already been at it for two days, perhaps you are only participating this Saturday at GRASP. Regardless of your choice, we have prepared lots of treats for both your body and your mind on this particular day.

Start the day at 10:00 with a keynote speech from American professor Stephen Duncombe who talks about using utopian methods to make significant changes in the world. Duncombe is also part of a panel discussion at 11:30, looking into activist methods to ensure change.

You should not miss out on another keynote speech at 11:00 with epidemiologist Lone Simonsen who reflects on the corona pandemic and the art of predicting a virus spread.

When the clock strikes 12, we recommend that you drop by the art installation Ambereum, our special amber-coloured experience room, which is set up in one of Musicon's large concrete buildings, and which provides both colour and warmth with various performances and events worth seeking out. This Saturday, you can experience Jacob Remin who works on breaking down the hierarchies between art and science in his technology-informed performance.

Grab a delicious lunch from our range of nutritious, tasty and organic dishes made on responsible dogmas. Then you will quickly be ready to take more vitamins for the mind.

At 13:00, you can meet the internationally renowned art group SUPERFLEX who recently won the Crown Prince Couple's Cultural Prize. They engage in a talk about how they merge science and art in their work.

We also have art films on the programme this Saturday. They have in common that they analyse and criticise the systems that we humans use to create order and meaning in the world. At 13:30, you can watch films and hear a talk with the artists behind, Kim Mejdahl, Emilia Bergmark and Jules Fischer.

Art plays a significant role in the festival area and in the neighbourhood of Musicion. Learn more about how art benefits the urban development (and vice versa) on a guided tour of the area. It takes place at 15:00.

At 15:30, we gather three prominent music acts – Efterklang, Dreamers' Circus and Lars Greve – all of whom have in common that they have returned to their hometowns to engage in the local music communities that have helped shape them as musicians.

At 16:15, you are invited to a panel discussion about the role of festivals in society and what impact they have on our lives. Here you can meet professor Ian Woodward and associate professor Jo Haynes, who do research together on the re-creation of music festivals in the post-corona period.

Make sure you also make your way past our ‘flea market for new ideas’ at the Pillar Square. It consists of a wealth of social entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who are eager to share their exuberant ideas.

Hungry for a delicious dinner corresponds with the many inputs you have already had? We suggest that you book a seat at the long-table dinner in our yurt and get served a six-course menu from the urban farm Øens Have with food from the future. Focus is on taste, sustainability and experience.

Then you're ready to finish off Saturday in the name of music. At 19:30, Efterklang steps onto the stage for a concert. And if your musical cravings are not satisfied afterwards, we offer a high-energy dance party in Ambereum. For this occasion we have invited artists from two different collectives: Uganda-based Nyege Nyege and FutureFemaleSounds (you can catch both collectives in a talk earlier in the day). Then you can dance GRASP to the end.