We have a lot of free offers at GRASP!

Did you know that many GRASP events and venues can be experienced for free? This is a guide for you who are curious about the festival and want a little appetiser of what’s going on. Read on below!

It’s important for us that everyone curious about GRASP can come have a look at what is going on without having to buy a ticket.

We have quite a few events, venues and food offers that can be accessed without a ticket. This is a guide for just that!

First of all, if you haven’t been to the creative neighbourhood of Musicon before, that’s an experience in its own right. As you may know, more or less the entire quarter is turned into a festival site. That means that you can really go exploring and take in the sights and see how creative businesses work alongside residential buildings, a museum and a højskole.

Ambereum is an artwork, a hangout place and a venue in one
Step into an old factory building – in this case Hal 7 – and find Ambereum. It’s an amber-coloured installation made by German designer and artist Viron Erol Vert. It’s the perfect hangout place (it has a bar, too!). It also functions as a venue, hosting everything from modern dance, over experimental performance to nightly rave.

You can look forward to the following free experiences:

Feel the music in The Dome
Try stepping into the new dome construction. We’ve invited sound artist Lars Greve to turn the whole thing into one huge loudspeaker. That’s right – the entire construction will vibrate with sounds and frequencies from a performance that Greve plays each of the three days that GRASP takes place. The remains of the day, the performance resonates out of the construction. Come hear and feel it.

Market for new ideas
If you drop by the Musicon site Saturday 20 November you can browse through a multitude of great ideas and meet the people behind them. At the Pillar Square (‘Søjlepladsen’) we have invited young entrepreneurs to test and showcase new ideas and products, communicating knowledge with the potential of changing the future. Sounds intriguing, right?

Feeling hungry or thirsty? We got you covered!
Every hero must eat at some point. Even you. At GRASP, it’s always possible to grab a bite to eat and to quench your thirst. We offer both snacks, full nourishing meals, and if you want to go the whole nine yards, you can book a six-course dinner with food from the future, served by Øens Have. We also offer beer, wine, lemonade, hot cocoa and soda.

We hope to see you at GRASP between 18 and 20 November!