Welcome to GRASP – a new festival boosting sustainable change

GRASP is a new festival for art, activism, research and community. The festival is located in Roskilde and it gathers scientists and artists to address and offer sustainable solutions for urgent issues of our time. Note the dates 18—20 November 2021!

Art, activism and research join forces at GRASP. We want to strengthen the community and the creativity amongst those who work towards making sustainable changes happen.

GRASP makes this work more accessible by creating a new festival format for scientists, students, artists, practicians, civil society organisations and curious festival-goers.

Hopefully that’s you!

The first edition of GRASP focuses on big topics such as climate changes, pandemic and social inequality but also solution-oriented perspectives on activist urban development and the change-provoking role of art.

GRASP takes place in the vibrant neighbourhood of Musicon in Roskilde. The dates are 18—20 November 2021.

Each day offers something new and unique, and it’s up to you whether you want to buy a ticket to the whole thing or whether you want to cherry-pick a single day.

What’s on the programme?
Look forward to experiencing artists like Efterklang, Den Sorte Skole, Jenny Wilson, Lars Greve and Dreamers’ Circus who will participate with performances and talks about their work.

The Greek economist Giorgos Kallis will make a workshop in political ecology and the idea of degrowth, and scientists Silas Harrebye and Stephen Duncombe invite you to a brainstorm in the field of creative activism.

Charles Daniel Carson from The University of Texas at Austin will talk about festivals as a driving force in creative urban development, and Shain Shapiro from the non-profit organisationen Center for Music Ecosystems will demonstrate his model for measuring the sustainability of the music industry.

The performance collective Public Works will set up a School of Civic Action which will explore the potentials of the Musicon neighbourhoood while the artist group Soft Agency will literally weave a manifest of our time together with students from Roskilde Festival Højskole.

Right now, we’ve announced about half of the programme. In total, you can expect to experience about 80 events throughout three festival days.

The forces behind GRASP include Roskilde Festival in a collaboration with Roskilde University, Roskilde Municipality, Roskilde Festival Højskole and the museum of Ragnarock. Our network also includes science, cjulture and communication institutions such as Museum of Contemporary Art, Absalon University College, Musicon, Roskilde Library and Rhythmic Music Conservatory.