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Degrowth – reclaiming pleasure, reclaiming time 

Artistic, activist and academic perspectives on the radical potential of degrowth  

Imagine having more time for care, regeneration, or simply doing nothing at all. Our fast-paced, competitive society often buries our need for pleasure and meaningful connections with others and nature. This panel and discussion delve into the potential of degrowth - a movement that challenges the relentless pursuit of economic growth and seeks to reclaim other fundamental aspects of our lives.  


The panelists bring together artistic, activist, and academic voices. Artist and activist Signe Vad will share insights from her interdisciplinary work addressing ecological and social issues. Jeppe Svan, author and environmentalist at the publicing project Økotopia will discuss his focus on sustainability and degrowth. French economist Louison Cahen-Fourot provides an academic perspective on sustainable economic systems. Moderator is Laura Horn, renowned for her work on capitalism and social change. 


As you listen, you'll be invited to rethink how time and pleasure are structured in your own life. Could there be alternative ways of organizing our society that allow for more fulfilling and less stressful lives? Discover new ways to connect with what truly matters to you and get new ideas to reclaim your time and pleasures from the grips of capitalism.