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What makes cities liveable?

Challenges and possibilities in Nordic urban planning

‘Liveability’ has for some years been a buzzword in urban development, planning and architecture. But what does it mean? How is it defined and measured? In whose interests and values?  


In this talk and discussion, we explore different perspectives on how cities can be liveable. We look beyond standard metrics and models to consider not only how this is currently framed and with what consequences, but also how it might be reimagined. 


What can we learn from urban practices and projects that sense or embody alternative modes of liveability? How might these prefigure or open paths towards more inclusive, democratic and socially just forms?  


“What makes cities liveable?” is part of a series called “Mobile Campus”, where RUC moves class lectures to new settings at GRASP. The goal is to foster knowledge sharing and cross-inspiration between GRASP participants, students, and lecturers. Join us and engage in current subjects taught and discussed at a university level.  

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