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Worldbuilding for Beginners

Express Your Utopian Visions in GRASP's Creative Future Workshop

Imagine if the journey into utopia wasn't a solitary dream but a collaborative, vibrant act of creation. This workshop explores various transformation scenarios and turns solutions into tangible forms. Get creative and explore how change starts when ideas travel from your mind into material reality.  


With Laura Horn, Associate Professor at RUC’s Department of Social Sciences and Business, and Matthew Spaniol, Assistant Professor at RUC’s Department of People and Technology, creativity and imagination come to life. This open and dynamic space invites everyone to engage with ideas, desires, and dreams about utopia, giving them shape, color, form, and feeling. Together with fellow participants, you will move forward in time, grasp an object of interest, and bring its prototype into the present. Using materials as Lego, play dough, crayons and paper - and anything in between - you'll express your utopian visions through a multi-material, hands-on experience. Laura Horn and Matthew Spaniol will immerse you in the creative process, guiding and energizing you with inspiration, ideas, and concepts. 


This future-making workshop will transform utopian ideas and inspiration into material reality. Engage your imagination and help shape the future. Get your hands dirty and join the collaborative journey into utopia.