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Embodied Knowledges

How do our senses inspire our learning and knowledge creation?

This interactive lecture explores how our bodies and senses contribute to knowledge creation. While knowledge and academia are often thought of as intellectual domains in a way that excludes emotions and senses, this lecture focuses on the synergies between thinking and the sensing body- or rather, body-mind. 

While all ways of knowing are situated in relation to knowing bodies that sense the world, these aspects are not always acknowledged and foregrounded. Think, for example, of the idea(l)s of objectivity and neutrality in positivist approaches to science that seem to propose a dis-attached, disembodied view from above. In this class lecture, we will instead cultivate an idea of knowing from somewhere - namely, from our bodies, through our senses and histories. 

In “Embodied Knowledges” you will get a broader view of what knowledge and knowledge creation can be, and you will get the opportunity to slow down and connect to your own body and senses.

“Embodied knowledges” is part of a series called “Mobile Campus”, where RUC moves class lectures to new settings at GRASP. The goal is to foster knowledge sharing and cross-inspiration between GRASP participants, students, and lecturers. Join us and engage in current subjects taught and discussed at a university level.