Flemming Bo Jensen


GRASP is the Roskilde Festival Gruppen’s annual platform for knowledge and networking. The highlight of the year is GRASP festival, a two-day festival on sustainable change where we combine knowledge from Roskilde Festival with art and other professional fields. 

GRASP is created in collaboration with partners, and through talks, workshops, panel discussions, music, art, and community, we inspire each other with new ideas and perspectives on sustainable change - across professional disciplines. 

GRASP is for you who seek sustainable change and dare to challenge conventional thinking and opening your senses to new experiences. Together, we point to future ideas and solutions, showing that change is possible. 

GRASP takes place on September 26-27 in the creative district of Musicon, Roskilde. 
Kim Matthäi Leland


Join us at GRASP; a festival that challenges conventional thinking and explores our ability to discover new perspectives. 

GRASP is your meeting place and network, providing opportunities for reflection through creativity and community. 

Participants at GRASP come from civil society, cultural institutions, municipalities, research and educational institutions, and the private sector. 

Common for all – is the enthusiasm for and willingness to create sustainable change.