Get inspired by the engaging power of art and popular culture with OpEn – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Information and Engagement Pool at GRASP 2024

Engagement comes in many forms, and civil society organisations are constantly experimenting with new methods to foster engagement in global development. OpEn is once again pleased to present an exciting programme on inspiring forms of engagement and mobilising your target audience at the knowledge festival on September 26, 2024, in Musicon, Roskilde. 

We have gathered the most current cases, leading researchers, and international figures within civil society and mobilisation, assembling them in a programme that offers you inspiration, new ideas, and insights into the latest methods of activism. Additionally, you'll have ample opportunity to meet with partners, colleagues, and networks, all working on education and engagement. 

The programme is developed and presented in collaboration with OpEn. 


Global engagement should be a public concern 

The OpEn pool, established in June 2022, aims to make global awareness, solidarity, and engagement a public concern. Global development concerns us all. Therefore, the goal has been to create a pool where innovative thinking and the development of new ways to educate and engage people in Denmark to make a difference in the world can thrive. 

OpEn, managed by CISU – Civil Society in Development and the Roskilde Festival Foundation in collaboration with DeltagerDanmark and The Why Foundation, distributes approximately DKK 21 million annually from 2022 to 2025 to projects that create knowledge, attitudes, and actions in Denmark about global development. 

Check out the OpEn X GRASP programme below. The programme will be continuously updated with new exciting names.