About Musicon


GRASP takes place in the Roskilde district, Musicon, located in a former industrial area between Roskilde Exhibition Grounds and Roskilde Station.  

Today, there are over 70 entities in Musicon, including companies, associations, and cultural institutions.  

Within the district, you'll find dance theaters, museums, art schools, skateparks, dining venues, rehearsal spaces, and various types of housing. The area's character is defined by former industrial buildings and other rustic traces of production, which are integrated into the design of new urban spaces and mixed with new construction.  

The area is home to cultural landmarks such as the Ragnarock museum, Aaben Dans theater, and the annual user-created cultural festival Rabalder, as well as the administration of the Roskilde Festival, which develops and plans the largest music festival in the Nordic region here.  

But it is also a neighborhood for all enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who want to influence its development. You can experience this in places like Containerstriben, where there is a music school, microbrewery, coffee roastery, merchandise store, and many other small shops.