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Share your knowledge at GRASP 2024


We're seeking your utopian dreams

Would you like to share your knowledge and explore the world of utopias with us? We invite all researchers, artists, activists, and students to share your knowledge - from practice-based insights to theoretical and philosophical reflections on utopias and sustainable change. 

The open call is for you who wish to present your concepts, knowledge, and ideas to the audience at GRASP. If you have new perspectives on how utopias can create a more sustainable future, apply to join the "Open Call." 

GRASP - platform for knowledge and networking 

GRASP is Roskilde Festival's annual platform for knowledge and networking, and the highlight of the year is the knowledge festival on September 26-27. 

Through talks, lectures, workshops, panels, music, art, and communities, we challenge conventional thinking and inspire each other with new ideas - across disciplines. 

The theme for this year's GRASP is Utopia, and we explore how utopias can create a more sustainable world and strengthen the ability of younger generations to envision a better future. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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