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Landscape, Community, and Nature

Can you imagine a future where agriculture strengthens communities and protects biodiversity?

Let your imagination run wild and unleash your dreams as architect Boris Brorman Jensen and philosopher Anton Bech Jørgensen share their visions and new narratives about the future of agriculture and food production. 59% of the Danish landscape is cultivated. Danish nature is facing a biodiversity crisis that requires more than just technical solutions. Even though the problem is right in front of us, we struggle to imagine a different and more sustainable future. There is a need for a social and cultural change in our mindset before we no longer consider nature as an inexhaustible resource. It's time for new shared visions for the future. 


You are allowed to think big in the Architects Association's lecture when Boris Brorman Jensen and Anton Bech Jørgensen delve into some of the dramas unfolding in the debate: The tragedy of our lost natural resources, the drama of transitioning agriculture, the absurd comedy of consumption without consequences, and technology's promises of a happy ending. 


And gain more insights as a panel consisting of Tine Mandrup, mayor of Lejre from the party Venstre, Emmy Laura Perez Fjalland, a cultural geographer and author of the book "Almanak," and activist Esther Kjeldahl, a writer in the Green Youth Movement's book "Just Conservation," elaborate on a shared vision of the landscape of the future.

It's not about pointing fingers, but about daring to think differently, activating art, and letting utopias flourish for a future where cultivating the land also nourishes the community. And where a 'we' includes species other than humans. 


Presented in collaboration with The Danish Architects' Association.