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Policy Making for the Future  

Aligning Policy Making and Political Governance with the Wellbeing of Future Generations 

The wellbeing of future generations depends on the political decisions made today. Despite the urgent challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss, and growing social inequalities, the current policy making is dictated by growth-oriented political and economic paradigms, making it unfit for the future.  

Speakers Elizabeth Dirth, Managing Director of the Zoe Institute, and Sophie Howe, former – and the world’s first – Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, discuss how to transform political governance to safeguard the rights and wellbeing of future generations. Learn innovative approaches to policy making that go beyond traditional paradigms, aiming to ensure, that today's political decisions are future proof, rather than short sighted. The talk will be moderated by Hakon Mosbech, journalist and co-founder of the digital newspaper Zetland.  

Whether you're shaping public policy, conducting research, promoting sustainability, or advocating for social change, this talk provides valuable insights and networking opportunities. The collective actions toward a sustainable and just future are already in motion. This talk will highlight the glimmers of hope and ‘proof of possibilities’. And you will be invited to take part in the movement along like-minded professionals.  

Presented in collaboration with KR Foundation, Østifterne, and Roskilde Festival.