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Collaborative Ecologies 

Transforming soils and landscapes through collective action

From urban gardens to regenerative farming and permaculture projects. Collaborative efforts worldwide are reshaping landscapes and fostering sustainable practices. Kristine Samson, an Associate Professor at Roskilde University specialized in urban studies, shares her views on the transformative power of collective action.  


Discover the vibrant intersection of art, community, and sustainability as Samson shares inspiring grassroot initiatives drawn from her extensive research. These actions not only revitalize soil and landscapes but also nurture vibrant communities. Diverse collaborators take the stage to discuss collective ownership and commons, drawing inspiration from anarcha-feminist utopian thinkers like Ursula Le Guin, Lola Olufemi, and Chiara Bottici. 


Be enlightened and inspired by engaging insights and thought-provoking discussions. Learn how to participate in regenerative practices in your own communities. And explore how collective action promotes ecosystem restoration, social cohesion, and environmental justice. Guiding us towards a more sustainable and equitable future.  


Presented in collaboration with RUC.